Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inspiration (Merging Blogs)

My mind is filled with fun things to make. These are a bunch of girls clothes I am hoping to make similar items for Miranda to wear. We just got bunches of cute fabric that miranda picked out and embellishments to match. I have been dying to set aside some time to get started. Deciding what to make is almost half the fun. Dreaming of twirling skirts and ruffles. its a good thing I have a little girl to dress up. I wouldnt know what to do with a boy.

I love looking for inspiration on I am amazed and inspired by the many crafty people. I will try to give credit to those talented people.

This skirt is so cute and puffy. I love it when a little girl looks like well a little girl. Its made by Bananfana.

Made by Gocksfrocks . These are some cute pants. I love the ruffles. The nice thing about these is that a kid can grow into them and wear them as capris as they get older.

I love the cute lil apron and the bold colors.

I love to attatch a skirt to a tshirt. This is fun with the multi fabrics. I can see lots of twirling.

Cute Skirts. I have a soft spot for apron skirts. I made one for miranda in a pink cord. I got the inspiration from this cutie. made by Gockfrocks.

I love this patchwork skirt. I have alot of scrap fabric that would be adorable in a skirt like this.

These cute outfits are made by hullabaloo botique. I love the fabric and the cute pants to match.

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Controlling My Chaos said...

You have amazing talent. I tried my hand at sewing clothes once upon a time and I stink at it.



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