Friday, October 30, 2009

Walt Disney World 2009

We just got back from a fun trip to Disney World. We ate great, played hard, and made wonderful family memories. Miranda is already putting her money in the piggy for her next trip (not as soon as she wishes).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Entering the "Working Mom" Force

We decided last week that I needed to see what I could do about getting a job. I was not feeling positive about finding anything seeing how so many are out of work now and are struggling to find new jobs. So after I got over the dread I laced up my boots and hit the pavement. Now I am a very religious person and truley feel that we can be guided and directed to where we need to be. I fasted and prayed to find an employer and work place that would be best for me and especially a situation where Miranda would still be able to have her needs met. I wasn't fully convinced that I needed to be a "working mom" but I feel if I do the work then I'll get to where I need to be. So I went over to the community center where I used to work and let them know I was looking, no promises. I took a scentsy sampler over to one of my past customers who wanted to order. After I did that I thought hey let me go over to this pre school close by and apply. Now I had applied with them 2 years before but was onlly looking for part time work and had called about 6 months ago as well to see if they had anything. My neighbor works there and we have discussed it as well. So I thought no harm if I tried it one more time. I went in and my neighbor was in the office and the other director ( I was not aware my neighbor was the assistant director). They told me that they had a teachers position open and were interviewing. So I took the application home filled it out and decided to return it that afternoon. I also needed to get a copy of my school credits. so I went to the college and got a copy as well as seeing if they had any positions open. They only had a temp position open and it was part time. So I returned my application to the first school and was told to go get my clearances done. I called the next day (by my neighbor) for an interview on wed. ok. I went in with all my clearances and even a few referral letters I knew they'd ask me for. The interview went great. I thought to myself. Now if I don't get this job it will be because Heavenly Father has other plans for me. I did everything I could. So that afternoon. I get a call from the owner offering me the job and asking if I could start the next day. (they new I would be gone this next week). So on thurs I started my orientation and friday was my first day. Miranda goes to the kindergarten after care. She said she didn't miss me so I'm taking that as a good sign. I get to teach the 1year old class. I'm excited to get to decorate my classroom and plan my lessons. I feel this is where I need to be and I am truly blessed. "Lead me guide me walk beside me help me find the way"

Friday, October 9, 2009

Graduated to the School Bus

The final milestone on Miranda's way back to walking is riding the school bus to school. Yesterday she finally did it. She actualy did it sooner than I thought she would. Miranda insisted on leaving for the bus stop early (it would have been at the crack of dawn if she had it her way). When we got there she was all smiles her lil neighbor friend took her under her wing. She holds Mirandas hand on and off the bus and even walked her to class. I had nothing to worry about. She had her lil angel with her. I asked her when she got off the bus from school if she like it and if she wanted to ride it again tomorrow. Her response was a huge "yes". The evil mommy in me used the bus as a threat for her to get out of bed faster today. Hey if you can't get out of bed you will miss the bus. I am very proud of her. Her physical therapist even said she only needs to see her one more time next week.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Boo-tiful Skirt (and Girl)

I had this great fabric from the material girls quilt shop in Utah that I needed to make a skirt for Halloween with. I knew if I didn't do it this week Miranda would not get to wear it much before the holiday. So today she gussied herself all Halloweenish for school to kick off the Halloween season. What a cute model.

Goals Calander

I love to make lists and pretty paper to put my lists on. Here is what I am using to set my daily goals for the week. Each topic and day has a column. I put exercise, household, menu, scripture study, and crafting as topics at the top. I left it so I can change them put depending on what I need to focus on. then I put the specifics. like if I want to do pilates for that day or get my laundry done. Its a fun way to organise my day and to keep improving in important areas. Now to add my disclaimer. I don't always get my goals accomplished and we all know that life happens that way. But if I at least have my focus planned out I wont (hopefully) sit on the couch with a box of mallamars wasting the day away on my computer. Heres to dreaming.

Birthday Bike Test Ride

We have been waiting till Miranda is strong enough to ride her new bike. She got it from her wonderful brother for her birthday. Unfortunately she also broke her leg that same night and has not been able to ride it. Now that she is walking we decided it would be fun to take it for a spin.   She did pretty good and I have to tell you it is a great bike and much easier to ride than her hand me down.



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