Monday, October 27, 2008

beach buddies

It was so much fun having Conor, Miranda, & Tucker pal around together. Memories to last foever.

mermaid page

We were fixing mirandas costume and she had to try it on so on goes the wig, and the makeup. she sits on the couch and says "this is how a mermaid poses". I dont know where she gets it from. I had too much fun scrapin it. the waves are from our trip to outerbanks.

happy "4th" birthday Aug 21 2008

What a smile, the funny thing is she had to go pee realy bad. What a girl.

birthday pictures

I was tired of paying someone else to take pictures that I had to pose her for any way. So we dressed her up, did the hair (which she loves getting done), and went down town to have a mommy photo shoot. I think they turned out cute. But hey I have a cute girl who loves to pose. She came up with this pose herself.

outer banks 2008

Super model in the making. I dont know where she gets it from. But all you have to do is say miranda say "cheese" and the poses start. I take alot of pictures but she wants more even when the camera is put away.

outerbaks 2008

One of our favorite things was walking on the beach. The water was cold. But the waves were beautiful. I don't know what it is about standing on the beach watching the waves that is so relaxing and energizing at the same time.



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