Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rachel's 2nd skating number

This is Rachels 2nd skating number at her competition on feb 14th. Her grandma Jonie made the costume. Rachel choreographed both of her skating numbers.

Rachel Skating

I wanted to share a great video of my niece Rachel. She is an amazing and dedicated ice skater. We were able to go see her competition on Feb 14th and cheer for her. She took 1st in both her numbers and also took 1st in the all around. What a woman. I tease that I wont have Miranda start skating because I don't want to freeze all the time while watching her. But if she could be half as dedicated and talented as Rachel it would be worth it to keep the skating bug alive in the family.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miranda's Cooking Show

Miranda loves to make her own PB&J sandwiches. She was playing cooking show (she plays it with daddy) So I got the camera out and she put on her show. Rachel Ray watch out. Future Cooking star on her way. I was trying to help her but she informed me that I couldn't talk. Disney Channel has a short cooking show that she is getting her tips from.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Queen of My Castle

I have the nesting bug. I have to admit I enjoy making lists, planning my attack on my chores, making beautiful schedules, and compliing recipeies. I have found a bunch of fun websites and creative women who enjoy many of the same things. I love her recipeie cards and digital scrapin ideas. she exposed me to shabby

All of these women have inspired me to fall in love with homemaking. Hey even cleaning can be enriching and I can be creative too.
Here is my "Mega job chart", I am working on actually doing all of it when I'm supposed too but it is set up so if I do miss a task I can make it up during the week or next week.
I also made a menu planner hoping it will inspire me to cook more substantial meals and be better when grocery shopping.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Car Yipee

Yes we finally got a new car. Joe has been needing to get a new car since his work requires a new car every 4 years. We have been stalling but the day has come. I inherit the ford escape and Joe gets this beauty. Its a Jeep liberty. It took all day at the dealership and finally at 6pm we got it all finalized. one of the best things is we got it at 0% financing. yipee. Now I have to get the ford cleaned up and serviced and get my sad bonniville a new home. It was an amazing car after 254,000 miles still actually runs.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lips are for kissing

I was told when Miranda was a baby that I "kissed her too much". I would say in response that "I'm getting the kissing in now cause one day she wont let me give her kisses". So now that she is four years old she is a very "Kissy" child. We have taught her that we don't kiss on the lips. She refers to lip kisses as "married kisses". I hope she doesn't learn other wise. tee-hee. Well in this video miranda has applied my lipstick. (quit well I might add) and is blowing many kisses. I am trying to be stern because she put my lipstick on but I think she knows that she and her kisses are too cute and is not phased.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Circus Elephant

Miranda had her school Circus program on Friday. She was an elephant with her friend Russell. She has been practicing and practicing. My favorite part was the cute yarn tale tied to her pants. She makes a great elephant sound as well. Grandma, Grandpa, And Aunt Vicky all came to the circus. We even got popcorn.



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