Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend as a "City Gal"

We had a great time seeing the sites of NYC. We even took in a show. "Mary Poppins" (my favorite fictional character). Even Joe enjoyed the show. Miranda clapped and cheered after each number and Uncle Pete was caught singing along with a few of the songs. It rained off and on butMiranda was prepared with her pink umbrella.
Do we blend in?
Big Brother in training. I can't wait for her to call and tell him "Lets go shopping". He'd probably take her too.
Meet Charissa. Miranda's new doll. I think they look a lot alike.
We had a fun birthday shopping trip at "American Girl Doll Place". Miranda researched which doll she wanted on the internet and grabbed her as soon as we went in to the store. It was a lil girls dream store.

The day was too long for the poor lil city girl. Time square and no place to take a nap.

First day of school cast and all

Miranda is all ready for her first day of kindergarten. Unfortunately she didn't get to ride the bus but once she has her cast off we will make it a special day. Her teacher is Mrs. McCauley and she even has a friend from church in her class.

All of this parent talk is BORING. When you ask Miranda about her first day of school all she can say is it was "Boring". (almost said with a sing song voice). She liked the rest of the week much better.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Trampolines are EVIL!!!

I have tons of pictures to show you from Mirandas birthday, our weekend in NYC, and the first day of school. BUT I have gotten distracted because "Trampolines are EVIL". Monday night Miranda had family over for birthday cake and gifts. She got a beautiful "big girl" bike from her brother and was waiting for dinner to be over before she opened her other gifts. She and her cousins went out to pass time on the trampoline. Next thing I know she is crying on the trampoline and I run out to get her. Apparently there was some slipping and landing on each other, littlest (miranda) ended up on the bottom. I thought she'd feel better soon but she kept it up and seemed to be getting more upset. Of course we all had our opinions and felt she may be dramatising. So Joe and I took her for a ride in the direction of the ER. We still weren't sure she was really hurt. She calmed down in daddy's arms and even fell asleep. So we decided to go back home. She was coaxed to open her presents and was excited to eat cake as well she played with some of her spoiles. Still she would not stand on either legs. No swelling and no pain when we touched her. So I gave her some pain meds. and she went to bed, at 2am she woke up in pain and I moved her to the couch she still kept her leg bent to ease the pain. Tue morning I gave her a bath and took her to the minor Emergency center. They took x-rays and low and behold. "SHE BROKE HER LEG". She has a beautiful purple cast and toe nails polished to match. She also has a small wheel chair to use for school. As you can see she isn't fazed one bit by all of this. She is amazing and plays contently. No fussing. (so far, this is only day 4 I wonder when she will get bored with all this.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cake Day

Today was "Cake Day". Miranda and I worked all afternoon on her cake. It was my first time using fondant. Miranda rolled it and kneeded the colors in. She called it "playdough frosting". I think she did a super job mixing those colors. We have a chef in the making.

Flowers for Conor

We went to visit Grandpa & Grandma as they were RVing in Hershey. Conor, Tucker & Isaiah (her cousins) had been staying with them. So the older boys took off on their bikes for a ride to the pool with Grandpa. As they were riding down Conor's shoe slipped off the peddle and into the spokes of his wheel. He of course went flying. We thought he'd been done in. Luckily he had minor scrapes and his bike was fine as well. Miranda was concerned and felt she could cheer him up with some "wild" flowers (what we call weeds) . He wasn't impressed but she didn't care. It's the thought that counts.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let The Celebrations Begin

I wasn't sure we were doing a birthday party for Miranda this year but she had already told her friends. She chose 3 girls to come to an afternoon cupcake party and is having family over another night. Not only is she having these "small" parties but we had plans on staying in NYC for the weekend with the "Fernandez Gang". Which has grown to over 20 people. So we thought a show would be nice (wow they are expensive and tough to get). So she gets to go to "American Girl Doll Place" and choose her own doll. I think she will get enough excitement!!! The perks of being an only child.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Under Consruction

I've been wanting to go to a 3 column layout so I finally found a site to do it for me. I did have to set my stuff back up but it kept my postings. So I'll keep adding as I go and rearranging. I have some summer postings in the works hopefully I'll get them up soon.



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