Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Panademic Prep. Kit

Panademic prep. (better safe than fluey)

Fom the American Red Cross.

Supplies: vitamins, prescription meds, cough and cold medicine, fever and pain relievers (ibuprofen or acetaminophen), anti-diarrhea medication, soap, bleach, hand sanitizer, paper towels, tissues, thermometer, box of disposable gloves, at least 1 high quality surgical mask, electrolyte drinks and baking soda. I would throw in toilet paper for good measure. Look for sales and you can do this for so reasonable.
I chose a bucket, because I had buckets. You can use anything you want to keep the supplies in. I hope these supplies save me from kicking the bucket. Bucket it up girls.
It took about 5-7 minutes to assemble it. Watch a fruit of the loom commercial, or put the kit in the bucket. It's a tough choice, I know.
If the flu virus hits your household: keep everyone's personal items separate/Avoid sharing computers, pens, papers, clothes, bedding utensils, etc./ Disinfect door knobs, switches, handles, toys, and common shared touched areas./ Disinfectant: 1 gallon water to 1/4 c. bleach/ It's okay to wash everyone's dishes and clothes together. Use detergent and very hot water. Wash hands after handling dirty clothes./ Wear disposable gloves when in contact with or cleaning up body fluids./ One person should be the caregiver. Wear a mask if care giving./ Always wash hands vigorously for at least 15 seconds. Nails included. Use paper towels to dry hands if possible.

*Electrolyte drink: 1 qt. water/ 1/2 tsp. baking soda/ 1/2 tsp table salt/ 3 to 4 tbsp. sugar/ 1/4 tsp salt substitute/ Mix well and flavor with lemon juice or sugar free Kool-Aid. Can you say yummy.
Have extra food and water on hand always. It is just a good idea. If you are afflicted, you aren't going anywhere for awhile.
For more information:
This is a thought: we need to have these things on hand in our homes because we will not be able to share needed items as easily, because of the spreading of the flu. It wouldn't be like borrowing sugar for a cake.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ballet Costume Fitting

Miranda had costume fitting for her recital in June. She calls it the "Fire Bird" costume after the ballet. It was cute to watch the girls do their routine for us. Miranda was winking and blowing kisses the whole time but still managed to stay caught up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Dress

Easter pictures with an attitude.
Don't let her fool you.
I love taking pictures of Miranda. She poses and poses. I need a faster camera since she is on to the next pose before I get the picture.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Fabric (Merging Blogs)

Miranda & I went fabric shopping the other day. this is dangerous because She thinks she needs to buy any and all of the fabrics with princesses, barbie, tinkerbell, or any thing pink. I actualy was lucky to limit it to these 5. I also bought embelishments to go with the fabric so the bill got up there pretty fast. I'm hoping to have it done for our trip to Disney in Sept. We hope. I'm supposed to be working on craft show stuff too so I better get busy.

Princess Dress (Merging Blogs)

I didnt have the time today but did it anyway. I started Miranda's pricess dress. I like it but I am not sure if its looking too costumey. I may take off the white ruffle on the top and add floral lace on the sides at the hip where the under skirt shows. I wasn't going to put the yellow piece down the fromt but I made the bodice too small so I thought it would dress it up with the center panel. I have to finish sewing it all together. It is still half pinned together. It will be fun to see her wear it to Disney world.

Follow up: I have decided to make it a skirt and top. I may even make some capris to match. I had it finished but the sleves were too tight and cut into her lil arm pits. So I am reworking it. Pictures coming soon.

Inspiration (Merging Blogs)

My mind is filled with fun things to make. These are a bunch of girls clothes I am hoping to make similar items for Miranda to wear. We just got bunches of cute fabric that miranda picked out and embellishments to match. I have been dying to set aside some time to get started. Deciding what to make is almost half the fun. Dreaming of twirling skirts and ruffles. its a good thing I have a little girl to dress up. I wouldnt know what to do with a boy.

I love looking for inspiration on I am amazed and inspired by the many crafty people. I will try to give credit to those talented people.

This skirt is so cute and puffy. I love it when a little girl looks like well a little girl. Its made by Bananfana.

Made by Gocksfrocks . These are some cute pants. I love the ruffles. The nice thing about these is that a kid can grow into them and wear them as capris as they get older.

I love the cute lil apron and the bold colors.

I love to attatch a skirt to a tshirt. This is fun with the multi fabrics. I can see lots of twirling.

Cute Skirts. I have a soft spot for apron skirts. I made one for miranda in a pink cord. I got the inspiration from this cutie. made by Gockfrocks.

I love this patchwork skirt. I have alot of scrap fabric that would be adorable in a skirt like this.

These cute outfits are made by hullabaloo botique. I love the fabric and the cute pants to match.

Craft Brain Storm (Merging my Blogs)

Brain storm a coming batter down the hatches its a doozie.
recipe box. menu planner chart. digi scrapin cards
fhe box with activity cards ( digi scraped). similar to the recipe box.
princess dress.
princess skirt and top
tinker bell skirt or pants outfit
I am a child of god church bags
name banner with chip board
hair bows
baby doll bassinets
baby doll blanket
baby doll bag and diapers
snot rags
baby doll carrier
dominoes pins & tutorial
modge podge eggs
table runners
out side floral arrangments
hand bags sewn
home made by labels

Do Re Me

My friend Marie posted this on her blog. This is a family fav song at our home. Its one we always sing to Miranda at bed time. Joe actually knows all the words, thats amazing in itself.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

At The Rainbows End

Almost at the rainbows end. This past year Joe and I have had a lot on our plate. He is still traveling 4-5 days a week. We finally sold our rental property, our tenants moved out last Sept. After paying 3 out of 9 months of rent. We then remodeled and painted. Our wonderful neighbor purchased the house for his mother and has moved her in. Now that we have money from the sell of the house we are finally putting in new carpets, it only took 5 years and getting rid of my poor cat that nobody wanted (except Miranda) She was a very naughty cat. My carpets are proof of that. We also are getting our fence fixed and repainted. My brother has been out of work so he is doing it for us. We finally got me a new car. The old one had 254,000. miles on it. Anthony is enjoying it's last days. Our next project is to get a shed, clean out the garage and basement (not on my list of a good time)and even getting a deck and landscaping in the back yard. Everything we have been wanting to do since we moved here. Oh and the big one. We are going to Disney World and staying at the Disney Caribbean resort. (I do have to admit we got a fantastic deal.)Please don't think I'm bragging. I am counting our blessings. I feel stronger and a moving desire to lift the burdens of others. I feel renewed in my desire to be a better wife, mother and yes homemaker. I also feel the overwhelming desire to be a better christian. The rain is slowing but as we all know there will be more. I am thankful for the warm sunshine of life today. It gives be courage to face the storm clouds I will have to face another day.



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