Thursday, April 2, 2009

At The Rainbows End

Almost at the rainbows end. This past year Joe and I have had a lot on our plate. He is still traveling 4-5 days a week. We finally sold our rental property, our tenants moved out last Sept. After paying 3 out of 9 months of rent. We then remodeled and painted. Our wonderful neighbor purchased the house for his mother and has moved her in. Now that we have money from the sell of the house we are finally putting in new carpets, it only took 5 years and getting rid of my poor cat that nobody wanted (except Miranda) She was a very naughty cat. My carpets are proof of that. We also are getting our fence fixed and repainted. My brother has been out of work so he is doing it for us. We finally got me a new car. The old one had 254,000. miles on it. Anthony is enjoying it's last days. Our next project is to get a shed, clean out the garage and basement (not on my list of a good time)and even getting a deck and landscaping in the back yard. Everything we have been wanting to do since we moved here. Oh and the big one. We are going to Disney World and staying at the Disney Caribbean resort. (I do have to admit we got a fantastic deal.)Please don't think I'm bragging. I am counting our blessings. I feel stronger and a moving desire to lift the burdens of others. I feel renewed in my desire to be a better wife, mother and yes homemaker. I also feel the overwhelming desire to be a better christian. The rain is slowing but as we all know there will be more. I am thankful for the warm sunshine of life today. It gives be courage to face the storm clouds I will have to face another day.

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