Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gwen "The Cat" Adopted

We used to have this cat, Gwen. I got her at a shelter almost 13 years ago. She was always the "scardy cat". She did not like children, or pretty much anyone. She was a attached to me but if it was not on her terms she wouldn't let you come near her. Early on she started a bad habit of not using her litter box. It even got to the point that my parents wanted her out of the house. My poor unsuspecting husband (then Fiance) took her in. He spoiled her with tuna and seemed to do well. Until we got married and left for our honeymoon. She pooped and urinated in his recliner (of course Joe's favorite seat in the house) The recliner was never the same again. We thought we got rid of the smell but could smell residual pee (we were really just grossed out that she used it as her litter box). We set it out by the trash and some poor unsuspecting fool took the chair home. We kept dealing with her bad behavior until we moved to New Jersey in 2003. The apartment conveniently would not allow pets. So I had her at my moms for a while (I think she lasted 2 weeks at most) then I found a cat shelter who would take her. They tried everything to get her to eat. she got very sick and the vet wanted to put her down. the shelter refused and moved her to the flower shop hoping she would cheer up. She now was being fed tuna and had masters domain over the shop. The other cats did not like her and anytime someone came in she would throw a "HISSSY" fit. She also rubbed hair on all the flowers. Did I mention she was the hairiest cat on the earth. I then got a call after this went on for about 4 months to come get her. So now I have to keep her in the apartment and hope we don't get in trouble. When she came back she was a much nicer cat and tried to use her litter box. She did like the fact that she did have the run of the place since Ralph, "the Dog", was at my moms. so now 4 years later and another move she has gotten worse about using the litter box. I decided with much prodding from my husband to find her a home. I tried local spca's, cat shacks, even online. No such luck. So after 2 years of trying we get Joe's friend Ted to take her as a stray to his local shelter in maryland. this was about a year and half ago. I have been checking their website to see if she was up on it. she was at first under an alias 'Oscar White" and recently was put up again as "snowball" last month. Today I went on and she is listed as ADOPTED. I sure hope she behaves. P.S. Miranda was asking Santa for him to bring Gwen back and still tells me to go get her because she is part of our family.


fynn said...

awwww poor Gwen so misunderstood. she liked me just not gus.

Vickie said...

Poor Gwen, what a naughty kitty.



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