Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Hungry

I am sooooo baby hungry. I don't know what it is lately. Every time I see a new baby I have to do everything I can to not pick her or him up and cuddle. I know most moms would not be thrilled with me "stealing" their child (especially if they are complete strangers at the grocery store). I was even mashing up my brown bananas for the freezer and thought, "This would make great baby food". I do hope to either get pregnant (difficult but not impossible. see miranda), adopt (money not saved for that yet), or do foster care again (who knows if we would get a baby and if we are staying in PA). So until we decide or He makes another miracle happen I will have to make faces at other peoples babies and remember "In the Lords time". PS if anyone needs a "BABY sitter" I just may be available especially if they are under 6 months old tee-hee. I just love when they cry and all they want is to be held. I think it is the satisfaction after they stop and as they cling tightly as if their whole world was the closeness of your body. And the sweet smell of their baby skin. Ok I need to stop I may be fantasizing a bit, but I warned you "I am baby hungry".

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