Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Officialy a "Mean Mommy"

Today is the day that I can now be labeled as a "Mean Mommy". I have been struggling with Miranda's back talk and defiance in everything I say to her. It has been heavy on my mind and I have been more strict with timeouts when she acts this way lately. Today it hit the fan. We were on our way to dance class. No prior infractions before we left. I asked her which"short cut" should we take. It is a lil game we play when there is more than one route to our destination. So I turn down the road and she begins to scream at me and cry while telling me I must turn around and go the other direction. I am not happy with her communication skills and tell her we can take that way home. She still not being happy starts spitting at me and yelling and thrashing in her seat. ( I am waiting for her head to spin and have pea soup spewed out of her mouth) At this point I pull the car over and tell her we can go home or go to dance but I am not moving the car until she stops throwing her fit. We start on our way again after a few minutes. She is still upset and complaining but more calm. When we get to the dance studio I let he know we need to take 5. She does ok for the first few minutes but then starts carrying on. It continues to escalate so I tell her. "Ok, lets go home. Your not behaving and we are not going to dance with this attitude" I pull out of the parking lot, much to her dismay. As we pull out I see my friend and her daughter and let them know we are going home. So on the road we go (its a 20 min drive home). Miranda flips and takes her seat belt off. I pull over. take her out of the car and tell her she can get in the car if she stops yelling and puts her seat belt on. still crying to go back to dance we get buckled in and on the road again. The drama continues, the crying escalates to yells. we pull over again, I get her out of the car. (her car seat come out to since she has a death grip on it.) I tell her she cant ride in the car if she is yelling, mommy will get in an accident. She gets back in the car. We wait till she can stop crying and telling me we MUST go back to dance. 5 min later we head for home. We eventually make it home. Was it worth the fight? YOU BET IT WAS!!! We sit on the couch and cuddle. She tells me she is ready to talk about it and with out any tears we talk about how its not ok to yell at mommy and If mommy says no it means no. She gives be a big hug and a kiss, and tells me she is sorry. I asked her later on if we are supposed to yell at mommy and she said very sternly "Oh no".


feliscrazylife said...

That is hilarious! I have had MANY such episodes! Good job on not caving though. Sometimes it is hard.

mountainrunnermike said...

I see.... you have time to visit my wifes blog but not your own brother.

I could tell you how to handle those instances with boys but not girls.

Your a good mom. I always knew you would be.

Heather said...

You go girl!! It gets SO HARD when they just won't stop!



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