Friday, March 11, 2011

Times are a changin.

It's about time for me to post news of my life changes.

First a huge change in my work status. I teasingly say I'm "retired". I am no longer employed at Goddard school as an infant room teacher. Oh I miss my sweet babies and teacher friends. Miranda misses them too she loved seeing the babies each day and gave all 14 of them kisses every morning before she went to school.

I am relieved to be able to get so many things cleaned up at home. I've already cleaned the house, organized my closet, who knew I had so many clothes, and sorted out Mirandas clothes. No wonder she complained about underwear being to tight she was wearing ones that were 3 sizes too small. Sorry about that "lil chica".
This week I have been working on the basement. I have found any entire craft store down there. I'm excited to start on some of these crafts, once I get this house in order. I also have bunches of stuff to take to also to sell. Now onto the huge selection of Christmas decorations. The hard part is deciding what to keep and what to throw away and donate. May the organizational gods be with me. One other thing that I have noticed right away was Miranda's attitude and my patience with her. She told me "your such a nice mommy now". I guess having more energy and peace and quiet in the day time gives me more to give to her. Even her behavior at school has improved.
As I keep going I'll try to remember to photo document my progress.

Here's to loving being a "domestic goddess".

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Vickie said...

So glad for you and Miranda that you can be home now and take care of the IMPORTANT things. Those babies were blessed to have you as their "teacher", you are a loving, kind, silly gal. Enjoy working at home sis.



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