Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Miranda Quotes

I have to confess I find it quit difficult to keep a straight face when Miranda comes out with her cute comments. Some require great control especially when I should be correcting her. But hey, "Out of the mouth of babes".

One day she asked for "Bagel candy" = life savers.

She has given both Joe and I labels. I'm her "Twin", and Daddy is her "Buddy". Oh Ralph, the dog is her Buddy too. She will not budge. I can not be her buddy.

This one is especially sweet. First thing one morning Miranda comes running in to me and says "Mommy, I feel Jesus in my heart."

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One night we were eating dinner and I hear a very adult sounding voice say, "So Mommy, hows the laundry?"

We have been trying to keep Miranda in her own bed at night. She gets lonely and tries to convince us that she needs to sleep in our bed. One night she is not only tired but daddy is out of town. I am in bed and she comes to me crying. "Mommy I need to sleep in your bed, it is so "cute," I need to sleep in the cute bed."

I have flashes of Miranda being a teenager. She informed me on the way home from preschool that her and Devin "broke up". AHHHH.

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I have a lil fashionist on my hands. She asked me the other day. "Do I look FABULOUS or STYLISH? I replied she looks both fabulous and stylish. I was then instructed to pick one not both.


Vickie said...

I love the bagel candy, I will share that with my boys. No one ever asks me how the laundry is... but my boys ask me every day "How was your day Mom? What did you do?" Your twin is funny and cute.

mountainrunnermike said...

What's Bagel Candy? I don't ask how's the laundry because I did the laundry. OK maybe today I did the laundry. So I may neot need to for a while. I got a good gal.



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